Sergio’s Story

Sergio was born in Argentina. His mother was a leading stunt pilot and his father an obscure hip hop DJ. One hot summer afternoon, while flying over remote African territory, en route to a family holiday, Sergio’s drunken mother lost control of her plane and crashed in the middle of the Kalahari. Both parents died instantly. Poof!

Miraculously Sergio and his 11 brothers and sisters survived the accident and were adopted by a family of African wild dogs. Like Romulus & Remus but on a bigger scale.

Years later, when they were discovered by a scientific expedition, the only one who still remembered some human words was Carmela, the eldest sister. Sergio was 13 at the time and thought his name was Groooof.

A lot of scientific papers have been published and TV documentaries have been shot, but their upbringing is still sketchy. Sergio is the only family member who occasionally speaks about it. The boys and girls were given new, secret identities and today they seem perfectly well-adjusted individuals. However, on the rare occasions when they all get together, away from strangers, and if there is enough alcohol available, they howl at the moon and communicate with grunts and growls. Smelling of each others’ crotches is not uncommon at these gatherings.

Against this background, nobody can explain how Sergio managed to develop a high profile career in TV -directing hundreds of programmes, concerts and music videos for some international heavyweights. It may have something to do with dog-eat-dog. It is a well documented fact, though, that in the mid 90’s Sergio shifted his attention from rock & roll to commercials because the catering on set was far better.

Within two and a half years of his first commercial he was included in Saatchi & Saatchi’s New Directors Showcase featured in Cannes.

After a stint of 10+ years with Velocity Films, Sergio decided to open GRANDE films in August 2008 and work only with cool people. He is repped around the world by some very nice folks. He also speaks a few (human) languages and has collected hardware at several international advertising and film festivals –except at D&AD, where he remains a virgin. He takes this personally.