Clients & Agencies

“He’s super respected by everyone -including me. I’ve known him for 20 years plus and always had a brilliant experience working with him (…) he’s a great team-player, is unbelievably experienced having shot all over the world and is brilliant with agencies and clients alike (…) really top guy. All in all, I think you guys will love him.”
tst_icon Charlie Crompton
Managing Partner/EP: Rogue Films,
Chairman of the Board: British Arrows Awards
“I hired Sergio for his very first international job way before he started winning big awards and became a rock star. It was back in the early/mid-90s, when there was no industry here in the Gulf region and international directors were very exclusive and extremely picky. I immediately became Sergio’s Nº1 Fan. He was class then, he remains class now but with a lot added experience.
The man is not only an unusually talented director but he is also the most tactful and reliable person I’ve seen dealing with very tricky clients. He is a real asset to have on your team.”
tst_icon Tim Smythe
CEO: Filmworks,
“I first worked with Sergio on a Caltex shoot in Johannesburg. During that time, when all the good Directors were very challenging to work with, Sergio turned out to be very patient with us. That alone still crafted in my heart that he is still one of the best natured Directors I have ever worked with.

Working with Sergio, you can be assured that he has done his homework, even helped the creative in the very initial stage and will put his heart and soul 110% on it. Sergio is special in my heart, always.

tst_icon Kystie Koh
Managing Partner: Mother,
“…very happy to work with you on this project. All the way through, you brought clear direction, insight, and importantly a lot of confidence to the process. And the final film looks great. I think the client here is pleasantly surprised at the quality of what they’ve got.”
tst_icon Nick Barham
Executive CD: Wieden & Kennedy,
Global Chief Strategy Officer: TBWA Worldwide
“…The end result of the commercial looks excellent. I’m extremely pleased with your skill as a director, taking the idea to the next level …I’d like to say it again, this is the smoothest and most professional shoot that I have ever come across. From you as a director to your crew… most importantly, I enjoyed working with you very much… it has been a great pleasure to work with you. I’m definitely looking forward to working with you and your team in the near future.”
tst_icon Francis Wee
Executive CD: BBDO, Singapore
Executive CD: Ogilvy, Shanghai
…Thank you for making what I think is our best TVC so far… at last I think we (well you chiefly…) have shown that quality work can be done here and on demanding pieces of business too.You have nailed the idea completely with a very human and engaging piece of work… “
tst_icon Peter Russell
Executive CD: Impact BBDO, Dubai
“Sergio can take a good script and make a great film. He’s patient with clients, collaborates with creatives and is incredibly polite when I send him crap ideas that he wants nothing to do with.”
tst_icon Jason Aspes
CD: Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific, HKG;
Global Group CD: Ogilvy & Mather USA
“A brilliant Director AND Director of Photography, Sergio never ceases to impress everyone involved on a project including the creative team, the client, and always nice to see, his own crew. Sergio’s extreme dedication and hands-on involvement with every aspect of a project, from casting to shooting to final telecine is equally a testament to his professionalism, as it is to his love of his art.”
tst_icon Jane Borock
Senior Art Director: JWT, New York
“Sergio is a brilliant director who always takes production into account without jeopardizing the final product. I will always recommend Sergio for any project that falls within his spectrum and support him totally when working together.”
tst_icon Guy Nockels 
EP / Owner: Namib Films
“Dear Sergio, I would like to start by saying thank you for the great work done. My client is very happy with the outcome, so is our ECD, Mr. Woo Duk Park… I am looking forward to next TVC that we are going to do together.”
tst_icon John Pak
Group Account Director/Brand Director:
Wellcom Publicis,
Sergio is a global Director, he brings a wealth of knowledge to each project he takes on. He has a passion for film and his craft that is admirable and enviable. Never one to accept mediocrity, he stands by his ideas with integrity and fights for them. He is a great man to have part of the team adding character and value.”
tst_icon Trevallyn Hall
Creative Director: Ogilvy, London;
CD: Philips Global + UK, Ogilvy London
“Sergio’s knowledge, talent and passion are remarkable even in an industry of knowledgeable, talented and passionate people.”
tst_icon John Hunt
Founder: TBWA\Hunt Lascaris, South Africa;
Former Global CCO: TBWA Worldwide
“Sergio is a one-of-a-kind: great at what he does and a brilliant human being. The relationship started years ago with a Pepsi shoot for Africa. We were delighted the results. And Sergio was always willing to throw his heart & soul into any project, including his advising us on GM creative issues. A very special and talented person.”
tst_icon Martin Hummel
Client Service Director: AMV BBDO, London;
Group Chief Executive: McCann Worldgroup, South Africa / EMEA
“Of all the productions I’ve been on, I have to say my experience with Sergio may top my list. From his wonderful vision to his attention to detail, he is the consummate professional. That coupled with his love for life make working with Sergio truly rewarding. Sergio, let’s do it again soon!”
tst_icon Andy Anema
CD: DDB Needham,
“I first worked with Sergio on a Toyota shoot in Shanghai about 5 years ago. Needless to say China is an extremely challenging place for foreign directors to operate. But right from the first pre-production meeting I knew we’d chosen a real gem. The way he ‘accommodated‘ very inexperienced clients queries and requests with so much diplomacy was very impressive –especially given all the translating that was required! Once more, this was achieved without compromising the integrity of the board and the shoot itself was one of the smoothest and most entertaining I’ve experienced.

Needless to say I would highly recommend Sergio – particularly for big jobs in developing markets like Asia. He’s a real pro and an absolute pleasure to work with.”

tst_icon John Foley
CEO: Saatchi & Saatchi, Malaysia + Singapore
“Sergio is a top director who brings a great intellect to his natural creativity. He will (and does) find a solution for whatever is presented to him as a problem. His work is of the highest quality and professionalism.With his own brand of charm, dry sense of humour, and old world gentility, he brings a certain élan to his work; hence working with him on a production is a joy. The process is a smooth one; glitches, if any, do not come to the attention of the client.

He delivers TOP quality – always! If someone had to devote a motto to Sergio, I think the most fitting would be, “Nothing less than the best” (referring of course, to what he delivers).”

tst_icon Lesley Wyldbore
Head of Broadcast: Y & R, Johannesburg
“Sergio was an absolute pleasure to work with, a superb director that also provided great solutions when needed. He brought our script to life and made a great film, maintaining the messaging, adding humor and humility – and did it all with passion. I highly recommend Sergio.”With his own brand of charm, dry sense of humour, and old world gentility, he brings a certain élan to his work; hence working with him on a production is a joy. The process is a smooth one; glitches, if any, do not come to the attention of the client. He delivers TOP quality – always!If someone had to devote a motto to Sergio, I think the most fitting would be, “Nothing less than the best” (referring of course, to what he delivers).”
tst_icon Shaun Coulter
Client Service Director: Ogilvy & Mather, Singapore
“… one of the best productions ever… and still looks great.”
tst_icon Karim Bartoletti
Executive Producer: Filmmaster, Milano; EP/Partner: Indiana Production, Milano
“Sergio shot one of the best ads we have ever shot in the history of BBDO Dubai, he was great to work with, creative, professional and very client friendly, I would love to work with Sergio again.”
tst_icon Azza Abou Al Magd
Head of TV: Impact BBDO, Dubai